About Us

Our Story

Tailwise was founded with a vision to change the way puppies find new homes.

Our founder, Sam, created Tailwise after seeing the dark side of dog breeding for himself.

Whilst looking for his own puppy he found pages of fake puppy listings online and dodgy “breeders” who asked to meet in car parks or get paid cash in hand.

As a lifetime dog lover and son of a dog breeder, Sam was able to see these red flags for what they were. But it was obvious that it can be easy for unsuspecting and well-intentioned people to get tricked or scammed.

The last few years have seen puppy farmers and greeders taking advantage of a rise in demand. They breed more litters irresponsibly and unsafely, prioritizing profits over the dogs’ health and welfare. 

The rise in dog theft and illegal imports has also created an unsafe environment for the great breeders who are scared to share photos of their dogs online or trust potential new owners they don’t know.

Tailwise is for those responsible breeders who want to find new homes for their puppies, and the prospective puppy parents who are looking for a well-bred and healthy puppy.

Our Mission

Dog welfare  is at the heart of what we do.

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Eradicate Puppy Farming
No one means to buy from a puppy farmer, but they’re deceptive. According to the Naturewatch Foundation, up to 400,000 puppy-farmed dogs are sold to unknowing owners every year.

Tailwise is changing the way puppies find their new homes. We verify every breeder that uses our platform. We ensure that their dogs are members of the family who are loved and taken care of for their entire lives. We double-check health tests conducted on a litter’s mum and dad, as well as the environment in which the puppies will be raised.
Educate & Inform
Buying a puppy should not be a snap decision made after scrolling through pages of cute puppy photos!

We’re here to help all potential puppy parents become knowledgeable about puppy ownership and get ready for their newest family member. We offer specialised advice and ensure all applications are suitable for the puppy they are applying for.
Fewer Dogs in Rescues
One of the main reasons for dogs ending up in rescues is owners who can’t handle behavioural issues. The first eight to twelve weeks of a puppy’s life is spent with their mother, the breeder, and their littermates. Providing early socialisation and training at this stage is critical for the long-term behavioural health of dogs.
Irresponsible breeders do not give puppies the time or attention they need and often separate the pups from their mum too early. Puppies bred by Tailwise breeders are raised the right way which makes them easier to train, and ultimately leads to fewer dogs in rescues.

Meet the Team

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Sam Worthy

CEO & Founder

Matt Leaver

Head of Growth & Co-Founder

Beverley Cuddy

Chief Dog Officer

Sarah Matthews

Head of Customer Support

James Robinson


Jimmy King

Digital Marketing


Assistant to the CEO

Scotch & Maggie

Customer Support Assistants


Head of Security