Tailwise BarkMark 2021

The BarkMark is badge of honour - the Tailwise seal of approval. BarkMarks are awarded for acts of greatness towards or in service of our four legged friends. We want to celebrate those who speak up for dogs.

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What's it all about?

The BarkMark is a new celebration of all those who speak up for dogs. We started asking for nominations in August 2021. We want to promote and celebrate all those on social media who campaign and change the world for our best friends and encourage others to help them in their campaigns.

Finalists are announced for each category, before voting commences. There are lots of categories and amazing stories behind each and every one (see the full list below). Everyone nominated has received a BarkMark to commemorate it.

In years to come we want the BarkMark to be something all dog lovers can recognise as somewhere or someone exceptional going an extra yard for our best friend the dog.

The Categories

The 2021 Barkmark Categories.

The Tailwise BarkMark Medal – The Dog's Best Friend 2021

This award is for the person you believe has done the most to stand up for dogs in our society and has earned the honour of being the dog’s best friend.

BarkMark Best New Dog Book of 2021

This award is for the book that has provided the most help, information or insight for dog lovers.

Best Dog Podcast 2021

This award is for the podcast that has communicated some of the most important topics in the dog world and has started the necessary conversations.

Social Media Dog of the Year 2021

This award is for the top dog on social media that has shared their life and story with us online and brought joy to our timelines.

Most Memorable Dog-Related Moment of 2021

This award is for the dog-related moment that had the greatest impact and got us all talking, whether good or bad.

2021 Dog World Changer

This award is for the person or dog who has done the most to make sure that the world changes for the better for all dogs.

Hope in the Face of Great Adversity

This award is for the person or dog who’s story of adversity has evoked a lot of emotion and motivated us by demonstrating their will to fight.

Top Dog Mentor – Dog Wellbeing

This award is for the person or organisation who is doing the most to put the wellbeing of our dogs at the utmost importance.

Top Dog Mentor – Dog Breeding

This award is for the greatest pioneer in the dog breeding world who is leading by example and teaching others to breed with welfare and health at the core.

Top Dog Mentor – Who Best Trains Dog Trainers?

This award is for the organisation that trains the best dog trainers and makes sure they are using the best methods and delivering training to our dogs at a high standard.

Who Helped Dog Owners the Most in 2021?

This award is for the people or organisations who have helped the everyday dog owner, especially when things go wrong.

Who Helped Dogs the Most in 2021?

This award is for the organisation or campaign that has helped the most dogs across the nation.

Most Dog-Friendly Politician

This award is for the people we have in Parliament who campaign for our best friends and are working hard to introduce laws that protect them.

Most High Profile Acquisition of a Dog During Lockdown

This award is for the high-profile dog acquisition that prompted discussion about responsible dog ownership online.

Best TV for Dog Lovers

This award is for the TV show that entertained us the most, particularly when we were all stuck at home.

Best Innovation to Benefit Dogs this Decade

This award is for the most innovative product that has come out in the past decade for bettering the livelihood of dogs.

Top Dog Media Vet

This award is the media vet who has used their platform most effectively to better the lives of dogs.

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Who Helped Dog Owners the Most in 2021?
This free website is so loved, as it provides updates of any lost or stolen dogs in your area. Join up now, upload your details and should – heaven forbid – your own dog go missing, you'll have many people ready to help you.

Missing Dogs Team Wales

Who Helped Dog Owners the Most in 2021?
When your dog is missing, these guys have specialist tracking dogs, drones, and years of experience. Anyone who has ever lost a dog will know that your whole life goes on hold until they are found.

Fabulous Finn – his bravery changed two laws

2021 Dog World Changer
When Finn saved PC Dave Wardell’s life by bravely holding on to an attacker despite being stabbed, his case exposed how the law classed attempting to kill a police dog as just damage to property, rather than attempted murder. Finn inspired the change in law that now better protects all animals from cruelty.

Jordan Shelley – ear cropping

2021 Dog World Changer
Dog trainer, Jordan Shelley, had rescued a dog who had cropped ears, but he started seeing celebrities and companies using imagery that glamorised this pointless brutality. So, he set about banning the import of cropped dogs.

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