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Key Facts


13 year lifespan

Need About an hour of exercise per day

Hardly moults

One of the first so-called 'designer dogs', the Cockapoo first emerged in America in the 1960s, bred specifically to be a companion pet – a job they do rather well!
Based on 69 reviews
Great work Beverley
Tirelessly looking for a puppy from a responsible breeder. It was hard work until I heard about tailwise who did all the work for me and found me a 5 star breeder in just under a day. I loved how thoughtful and efficient Beverley was and I’m glad I decided to use tailwise.
- usman
The team at Tailwise are simply...
The team at Tailwise are simply excellent! So kind, so caring and would 100% recommend. Great job and big thanks!
- Nick P.
Such a great experience
Such a great experience! If ever we want another pup, we know where to go. They really do care about the pups AND prospective adopters. I cannot recommend Tailwise enough.
- Maria C.
Really knowledgeable and helpful
Really knowledgeable and helpful - would highly recommend.
- S L
Brilliant experience
Brilliant experience! I couldn’t recommend the Tailwise team enough. Beverley and Sarah have helped us through the whole process. We were matched with a fantastic breeder back in February and will be picking up our puppy next week. I was struggling to find a responsible breeder...
- HW
An altogether wonderful experience...
An altogether wonderful experience working with Tailwise resulting in a perfect little puppy. It was so reassuring to have Tailwise helping us through the minefield that is finding a puppy these days. Supportive, informative and affordable. Thank you Tailwise for everything!
- Philippa
Safe journey to becoming a puppy parent
After feeling completely overwhelmed I signed up to Tailwise. We were introduce to Beverley who did a fantastic job in getting to know us, our family and connecting us safely to a responsible breeder...
- Suzie
Amazing service!!
After trying to find a puppy and not really knowing where to look, I stumbled across an advert for tailwise from a breeder’s Facebook page. I decided to take a look and apply, the application was easy to do and gave plenty of space to explain our circumstances and reasons for wanting a puppy...
- Kate L.
Such a positive experience
Such a positive experience! We were so worried about finding a responsible breeder but came across Tailwise and are now waiting to pick up a beautiful Cockapoo puppy. The process was simple but thorough enough to give us full confidence in Tailwise ... and they’re such a friendly bunch...
- Lolo S.

Latest Cockapoo Litters & Breeders

See a selection of our latest Cockapoo litters and breeders. Sign up today and you'll be able to apply directly to any available litters. We'll then send your profile to the breeder who will decide on the next steps.

Latest litters

Skyla and Cooper's Litter

Approx. Birthdate: Feb 28, 2023

Location: Near Watford

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Coco's F1bs

Approx. Birthdate: Feb 28, 2022

Location: Bedford

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Toy Cockapoos

Approx. Birthdate: Feb 14, 2022

Location: Greater Manchester

Price Range: £2,000 - £3,000


Bess & Rusty's Babies

Approx. Birthdate: Jan 26, 2022

Location: Near Bedford

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Lacey & Mr Magoo

Approx. Birthdate: Jan 31, 2022

Location: Peterborough

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Daisy's Puppies

Approx. Birthdate: Mar 23, 2022

Location: Leeds

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Skyla & Max

Approx. Birthdate: Mar 22, 2022

Location: Yorkshire

Price Range: £2,000 - £3,000


Betty's Babies

Approx. Birthdate: May 04, 2022

Location: Gloucestershire

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Fudge & Peter

Approx. Birthdate: Feb 05, 2022

Location: Cumbria

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Ava's Babies

Approx. Birthdate: Mar 28, 2022

Location: Kent

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Cockapoo Pupstars

Approx. Birthdate: Feb 12, 2022

Location: Hampshire

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000


Beau & Max

Approx. Birthdate: Feb 02, 2022

Location: Cardiff

Price Range: £1,000 - £2,000 


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Featured breeders

Location: Bedfordshire

"New puppies become a part of our family from day 1 and are raised to be loving family pets within a family environment. They also stay part of our extended family when they move to their forever homes."

2 Applicants in last 24 hours

Location: Doncaster

"I am an ethical home breeder. Our 2 cockapoos live with us in our family home and are a big part of our family. All puppies are brought up in the same way and are very well socialised. Health and well being are top of our priorities and all steps are taken to ensure our puppies get the best start in life."

2 Applicants in last 24 hours

Location: Cambridgeshire

"I pride myself in making sure the puppies have the best start in life to be confident, happy and healthy adults. Training starts early with desensitization to household noises, then socialising, toy play, toilet training and being in a car to name a few."

1 Applicants in last 24 hours

Everything you need to know about Cockapoos

Attractive to
Someone who wants a fun, active, intelligent dog that loves people and family life.
Not the best for
Couch potatoes. The Cockapoo combines two active, smart breeds. If you want a cutie that isn't so energetic and alert, maybe consider a Cavachon?
Cockerpoo, Spoodle, Cockerdoodle
Cross between
Cocker Spaniel, Poodle (Miniature) or Poodle (Standard)
About an hour
Doesn't have to be a solid hour, you can give them lots of short walks.
Professional help needed. Curly, keeps growing and needs cutting.
Hardly moults
Even hairless dogs have some hairs and will need sunscreen.
Life expectancy

13 years

Good first dog?

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We have the leading animal welfare behaviourists behind us

Meet our expert dog panel. Helping us to define the best standards and welfare for Tailwise approved breeders.
Dr Carri Westgarth, BSc MPH PhD
Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Interaction
Prof. Peter Neville,
Animal Behavourist
Jon Bowen, BVetMed, Dip. AS (CABC)
Behavioural Medicine, Royal Veterinary College
Chirag Patel
Behaviour & Training Consultant

"Breeding for temperament & providing appropriate socialisation are critical for the behavioural health of dogs."

Finding a good breeder with confident, healthy pups is currently a major challenge for even the most knowledgeable and well-connected prospective dog owner. Therefore I am very excited about the future of Tailwise in helping to suitably match enthusiastic puppy parents with a quality breeder.
Dr Carri Westgarth, BSc MPH PhD
Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Interaction

Tailwise Success Stories

Easily the best part of our job is seeing pictures of happy new owners with their beautiful puppies. We've had so many brilliant matches and stories already - below are just a few of our favourites.

Usman & Nova

I had been tirelessly looking for a puppy from a responsible breeder. It was hard work until I heard about Tailwise who did all the work for me and found me a 5 star breeder in just under a day. I loved how thoughtful and efficient Beverley was and I’m glad I decided to use Tailwise.

Emma & Raffi

The Tailwise service was friendly and helpful in what can be a daunting process finding a reputable breeder. They were very diligent which was very reassuring. We would highly recommend Tailwise to everyone - we met a wonderful breeder and have a happy, healthy puppy!

Sarah & Millie

The breeder Tailwise recommended was friendly and knowledgeable. She let us visit whenever we wanted and sent regular photos and videos, and even gave the puppies toys, a bag of food and a blanket with their mother’s scent. I’ve had a great experience with Tailwise and it gave me real peace of mind. I highly recommend them.

Verified breeders

Every single Tailwise breeder has been vetted & approved by an expert.

Before being able to list litters with Tailwise, all breeders go through our verification process. This includes a video call with one of our experts, ID validation and screening for breeding standards.

Safety and security of our users is of paramount importance.
ID Check
We check breeders ID and location as part of our screening process.
Breeding standards screening
We conduct a video tour of all breeders premises during our screening, ensuring a safe environment for puppies.
Health & welfare
We ensure breeders have puppy welfare and health at the forefront of their breeding process.

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Meet our breeders

Meet a selection of our welfare focussed approved breeders.

Fran B
Irish Wolfhound Breeder
“We are very careful in placing our puppies. In forty years we have only had two returns because of extenuating circumstances. We provide health certificates of parents and puppies, insurance, a care booklet and diet sheet, food, toys and a blanket. Most importantly we provide our contact details and make sure we are available 24/7 should new owners need us. “
Cockapoo Breeder
“Our new puppies become part of our family from day 1 and are raised to be loving family pets within a family environment. We socialise them in a busy, noisy, household so they are well used to household life. We only use fully health tested studs and our girls are also health tested. Ensuring we raise healthy happy puppies. We love our girls and their health and needs always comes first."
Julia F
Cavalier King Charles Breeder
“I've been breeding dogs for 30+ years. I'm passionate about my dogs and breeding for health and temperament. All my dogs are home reared, I have no kennels. We follow the Puppy Culture and BioSensor programmes to ensure our pups are the best they can be.“
Hester O
Hovawart Breeder
“Our puppies are reared in comfy, homely surroundings with dogs and people surrounding them for the best socialisation. We use an indoor whelping box and play area with access to the garden. We try to introduce our puppies to as many sights, sounds, tastes & smells as possible while they are young to set them up to be the perfect family pet.“